Debunking Fibreglass Pool Myths

Debunking Fibreglass Pool Myths: The Truth About Fibreglass Pools in Sydney

When it comes to installing a brand-new pool and which material you should choose, you may have heard a lot of myths and misconceptions about fibreglass pools in Sydney. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re not as strong as a concrete pool, or that that they are limited in their design and customisation. At Awesome Pool and Spas, we want to set the record straight and provide you with some accurate information. Today we’ll be debunking some common fibreglass myths, and giving you insights into the advantages of choosing a fibreglass pool.


Myth #1: Fibreglass Pools Are Too Expensive

One of the most common myths surrounding fibreglass pools is their cost. In reality, fibreglass pools are one of the most cost-effective choices for homeowners. Unlike traditional concrete pools, fibreglass pools are quicker and easier to install, reducing labour costs. Additionally, their lower maintenance requirements and outstanding energy efficiency can save you money in the long run. The fibreglass is also incredibly strong and durable, reducing the need for repairs over time. At Awesome Pool and Spas, we offer a range of affordable pool options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your budget.


Myth #2: Fibreglass Pools Are Not Durable

Some people believe that fibreglass pools are not as durable as concrete pools. The truth is, fibreglass pool shells are one of the strongest options available on the market. They are resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading, making them an excellent choice for family pools that will experience years of active use and enjoyment. The versatility of fiberglass also allows it to withstand ground movement, making it an excellent choice for areas with soil instability. Fiberglass pools are recognised for their long-lasting performance over several decades, requiring minimal maintenance. Engaging a high-quality fibreglass pool builder in Sydney will ensure that your pool shell remains strong and damage-resistant for years to come.

Myth #3: Fibreglass Pools Lack Customisation

Another misconception is that fibreglass pools lack customisation options. In reality, fibreglass pools come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. You can view our range of pools to get an understanding of the different options available. You can choose from family pools, plunge pools, lap pools, or any other design or colour that suits your backyard. Our team of experts at Awesome Pool and Spas can assist you in selecting the perfect design that fits your preferences and the aesthetics of your property.


Myth #4: Fibreglass Pools Require More Maintenance

Fibreglass pools actually require less maintenance than their concrete counterparts. In order to maintain a fiberglass pool, regular tasks like testing water chemistry, fine-tuning pH levels, and overseeing sanitiser levels are essential. These maintenance requirements are standard for all pool types and do not require much physical labour. The reduced maintenance lies in the smooth, non-porous surface of the fibreglass, that makes it difficult for algae and other microorganisms to grow. This can significantly reduce the need for chemicals and cleaning. This not only reduces the amount of time you have to spend cleaning, but also saves you money on maintenance costs.

Myth #5: Fibreglass Pools Are Prone to Leaks

Fibreglass pools are known for their strong leak resistance, thanks to their one-piece construction. Unlike concrete which can chip and break away over time, fibreglass will stay together as one large, smooth surface that is resistant to damage. This minimises the risk of leaks, ensuring that your pool remains watertight. The use of high-quality materials and refined installation techniques by our experienced team at Awesome Pool and Spas further enhances the durability and leak resistance of your fibreglass pool.


Myth #6: Fibreglass Pools Are Difficult to Install

Fibreglass pools are actually easier and faster to install compared to concrete pools. Site preparations include groundwork to ensure adequate drainage and establish a suitable foundation. The pool shell, manufactured off-site, is transported and carefully positioned using specialised equipment. After the pool is placed in the ground, it’s then backfilled to provide structural stability. Subsequently, plumbing and electrical installations are carried out, followed by landscaping or hardscaping as the final steps in the process. With a professional installation from a reputable fibreglass pool installer in Sydney, you can have your pool up and running in a matter of weeks. Our quick installation process ensures minimal disruption to your daily routine, and allows you to start enjoying your brand-new pool sooner!


Build a Fibreglass Pool in Sydney

Fibreglass pools are an excellent choice for homeowners who want a durable, customisable, and cost-effective swimming pool. The myths surrounding fibreglass pools are exactly that—myths. At Awesome Pool and Spas, we’re committed to providing high-quality fibreglass pool installations that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our experienced team is here to make your dream pool a reality. Say goodbye to the misconceptions and dive into the world of fibreglass pools with confidence. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a beautiful backyard pool in Sydney. For more information on fibreglass pools in Sydney, check out our blogs.