Can you put a pool on a sloping block?

Is it possible to install a fibreglass pool on a sloping block?

A fibreglass swimming pool must obviously be level when it’s installed, so that the water can sit level with it. For this reason, many people who own blocks with sloping backyards may think that it’s not possible to install a pool there. In reality, this is just simply not true! However, there are a number of factors to consider before you choose to begin your build. Today we’ll explore some of the challenges and limitations associated with this type of fibreglass pool installation in Sydney, as well as some general advice on sloping blocks. Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations.


While installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping block is possible, it’s important to keep in mind that planning is key. You should have a clear vision of your desired pool style, landscaping, and the precise location on your property before you start the process. Typically, there are two approaches for constructing on sloping terrain: using a retaining wall to separate the pool from elevated areas, or carrying out site (excavation) work. Our expert team at Awesome Pool and Spas have extensive experience in installing pools on sloping blocks, having successfully completed numerous projects over the years. We have utilised both retaining walls and site work, so whichever way you want to install your pool,m we’re here to help. We will arrange a visit to your home to assist you with any necessary drawings, planning, and preparation to get you your brand new fibreglass pool.


One of the main challenges of installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping block is the level of the ground. Sloping blocks will contain uneven surfaces, making it difficult to create a level base for the pool. To resolve this, the ground may need to be levelled using excavation, which can be a somewhat expensive and time-consuming process. Thankfully at Awesome Pool and Spas, we’ve got extensive experience installing fibreglass pools on sloped blocks. We know exactly how to level out uneven ground so that you enjoy the luxury of a brand-new pool, regardless of the block you own. 


Another challenge of installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping block is the stability of the pool. If a pool is installed on unstable ground, it could move or shift over time, causing damage to the pool and making the area unsafe. To ensure stability, the pool must be anchored and positioned securely in the ground using appropriate retaining walls or supports. After this, the area between the pools shell and the ground will be filled with backfill material to help stabilise the pool and prevent it from moving. This material can be sand, gravel, or other types of natural backfill that is then compacted to ensure its stability.


In addition to these challenges, there are also design considerations to take into account when installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping block. For example, it may not be possible to install the pool in your desired location due to the angle of the block. This can limit the options for placement and could require you to place your pool elsewhere on your property. If you are looking to install a fibreglass pool in Sydney on a sloped block, Awesome Pool and Spas are here to help. We’ll assist you in choosing the most optimal location for your pool so that you can create an amazing pool and backyard. We’ll incorporate the design, style and layout of your home in order to build a safe and perfectly placed pool, regardless of any slopes in the block. 

Advantages to building a pool on a sloping block

Views: Whilst it can be more challenging to build a pool on a sloping block, it can also have its benefits. Building on a sloping block can help you to take advantage of the spectacular views that your property may offer. Building a pool on higher ground can provide a wonderful viewing platform where you swim and enjoy the scenery. A sloping block offers a natural and dynamic landscape, which can be incorporated into the design of the pool area to create a unique and beautiful outdoor space. A raised pool could also offer more privacy as it’s more difficult for neighbours to see into the area. 

Designs: Additionally, you can integrate water spouts and other features into the pool’s design to create a captivating landscape that seamlessly complements your sloping terrain. While the pool serves as a focal point, it’s not the only attraction. To achieve a truly aesthetic pool area, you’ll need a deck or patio to provide a solid surface surrounding the pool. This not only enhances the property’s visual appeal, but also offers space for various elements like plants and outdoor furniture. When planning this area, ensure that the decking and landscaping are integrated with the natural slope of the land around the pool for the most impressive outcome.

Hire a professional fibreglass pool builder in Sydney

When installing a fiberglass pool on a sloping block, it is important to work with a professional fibreglass pool installer in Sydney. This will help ensure that the pool is installed safely and securely, providing years of leisure, entertainment and relaxation for you and your family. A professional fibreglass pool installer in Sydney will also be able to advise you on the best design and placement options for your pool on a sloping block. They will take into account the angle of the slope and any other relevant factors that could affect your build. In addition to this, a professional will be able to advise you on the best materials and equipment to use, such as pool pumps, filters, heaters and more. They will also be able to provide you with a warranty and ongoing maintenance services, ensuring that your pool stays in pristine condition for many years to come.

Awesome Pool and Spas – Sloping block experts

So yes, it is possible to install a fiberglass pool in Sydney on a sloping block. However, it’s important to take into account the challenges and limitations associated with this type of installation. By working with a professional fibreglass pool installer in Sydney, you can ensure that your pool is installed safely, securely, and to the highest standards. With the right design, placement, and stability considerations, a fiberglass pool can still provide you with a beautiful, relaxing, and functional outdoor space for years to come. If you’re looking to install a fibreglass pool in Sydney on a sloping block, visit our contact page here to get in touch and request a free quote. For more info on fibreglass pools, check out the rest of our blogs.